The Power of One

I’ve often reflected on the fact that the number one, for me personally, is very significant.

One phone call in 1999 began a journey with one song, called  ‘They Told Me This Is Africa’, which continues to shape my music – and the journey of life itself.

Another phone call in 2002 was the first seed sown, in a tilling and ploughing of ‘heart ground’, which brought myself, Jim, and our two children to Hong Kong to serve as volunteers with Crossroads International.

And yet another call, made in 2006 in the upper room of a printing press in Chiang Mai, Thailand, led to a  meeting with the leader of the Free Burma Rangers, which has continued to thrust me into issues and situations about which, before then, I virtually knew nothing – and cared the same.

The power of one!

I recall a movie of that title, and an interesting summary of the theme is  ‘it  is an intriguing story of a young English boy named Peekay and his passion for changing the world.’

The individuals who made the calls in the examples above, have many standout qualities. But perhaps the one that rises above them all is Passion. All are passionate, and have invested their whole lives into a Cause grander and richer and more majestic than simply earning a living and making sure one is set for a ‘secure’ retirement.

All in their unique way desire, and daily work, to see situations change in a world where the majority are powerless to change anything. Not one of them defaults to the position – ‘It’s someone else’s problem’.

THEIR passion I have found irresistible..and this ‘power of one’  continues.

One ‘chance’ meeting with two Kachin refugees in Malaysia, in October 2007, has led to 4 trips back to KL and the priceless blessing of being a small part of a huge story that continues to unfold, and draw in more lives from around the world, who will be the power of one in their circles of influence to bring change and restitution to these people.

One conversation, one book, ( even one paragraph of one chapter of one book), one song, one ticket to somewhere…. be ready to be surprised at how ‘little’ the ‘one’ can be that will alter your perspective, and actually, change your life.

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