Is your Little Blue Light shining?

I remember being inspired to write this song after driving home one night to our little place in country Australia, and suddenly being struck – as if for the first time- by the plethora of  eerily shimmering blue lights emanating from nearly every home we drove past.

It was dark. And so the little blue light was very visible, shining even through drawn curtains,  boldly exposing the recreational activity of countless families in our little town alone.

As the lyrics to this song found their way out of this naive realisation and into penned thoughts,  I saw a potter.

This potter shapes many things, with a dedication, persistence and skill that is perhaps unlike anything else we have seen influence our lives and our world.

This potter moulds minds and hearts – our ideas, perceptions and even feelings are pliable clay. We are told to need certain things, we are persuaded to want even more things, we are coerced to shift Self firmly into the centre of our universe – because we have a right to, because it’s cool.

This potter shapes our time – we fit our lives around the programs we are compelled to watch, the next episode of the series that cannot be missed.

This potter even plays around with our relationships – we ‘get to know’ people by watching television together, we have our conversations in the commercial breaks.

This potter is also skilfully adept at replacing and re – prioritising. Good books remain on the shelves, letters and cards to real people stay unwritten, visits to those crying out for companionship and encouragement rarely, if ever, happen.

And the catch cry of these days we live in is – there’s no time! No time to invest in real people and real activities – but seemingly plenty of time to keep up with the latest Reality show or Idol favourite.

The little blue light has become the other member of our family – perhaps more listened to than our spouse, more comfortable to spend time with than our teenagers.

This potter demands so little of us – just to be switched on in fact. And that is enough.

There’s a little blue light

Shining out from the window of this nation

This little blue light is a potter

Working the clay of this generation

Heart and minds gently mesmerised

It’s the time, it’s the sign

In every home tonight this little blue light will shine

This little blue light will shine.

Children want to share the day’s joy

Dad mumbles ‘later’

For now find a toy

Channel to channel the hours melt away

The little blue light has become the truth and the way

The truth and the way

There’s a little blue light……..

Long ago a piper played a steal away tune

Now it’s the little blue light in the corner of your room

It’s not just the kids who are dancing with glee

The little blue light is beckoning you and me

You and me, saying

“Hey, let me think your thoughts for you

I’ll feed your fantasies when you get blue

Hey, I’ll plan your life for you

I’m the little blue light you can’t put out

I’m the little blue light you can’t live without”

Some of you are wondering just what’s gone wrong

Why are we filled, yet hollow inside

Why is the little blue light doing our living for us

As we soak up the details of anonymous lives

There’s a little blue light…….

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