What people are saying…

“She sings the silent scream”

Andrew Starr,
Director Crossroads Central Asia

“There are some artists who occasionally support noble causes, Helen Mottee’s whole life is a noble cause.  Her music is a reflection of the values she carries in her soul and lives out every day of her life as she fights for justice on behalf of the world’s oppressed poor.”

Bob Scott
Director Compassionate Justice International

“I first came across Helen’s music while attending the Refugee Run simulation at Crossroads in Hong Kong – the powerful lyrics, combined with the compelling but simple music, tell stories in a way that I have not known since the ‘protest songs’ of Joan Baez and Bob Dylan in the Vietnam War era. Helen’s music takes us back to a time when music was the message and it could change the world (or, at least, the perceptions of the listeners). Given the urgency of the situations about which she writes and sings, Helen’s music needs to reach a much wider audience – and quickly!”

Professor Alasdair White,
Business School
Brussels, Belgium

“Helen Mottee’s music is among the most inspiring and thought-provoking I have ever heard. Beautifully sung, her songs offer amazing reflections on our broken world. Her passion for justice and compassion for the poor and oppressed are at the heart of her songs.”

Ben Rogers
Author, Journalist, Human Rights Advocate

“Helen walks the talk. She not only writes about refugees, she takes them aid in the jungle. She not only talks about abused women, she visits them in war torn areas. She not only sings about abandoned orphans, she goes to them in far flung corners of the earth. No wonder her music is a tour de force. It is ablaze with her unflinching honesty, unswerving integrity and unstoppable dedication. Her lyrics ask the questions we don’t want to face, probe the ways we justify our apathy and empower us to act. Music like this can change the world.”

Sally Begbie
Director Crossroads Foundation
Hong Kong

“Helen’s songs (starting with “This is Africa”) have moved us since we first met her at a  conference in Chiang Mai, Thailand in 2006.  Helen’s songs continue to inspire us and we have had the opportunity to give her albums to people we have met in Africa, Asia and Latin America.”

Jame and Leanne Lewis
Lewis Holdway Lawyers
Melbourne, Australia

“Helen’s  songs and music  have a great anointing and flow from a heart of compassion for the oppressed, the victims of brutal and harsh regimes, and those treated unjustly.”

Dr Martin Panter
Cairns, Australia

“I have been privileged to share Helen’s poignant and challenging CDs during the training  sessions for the NZ  Refugee Services Resettlement  Support training programme. I play the music as course participants reflect on the  Refugee Journey. The lyrics and haunting melodies are very powerful and moving, and stimulate much discussion”

Judi Bastin,
Resettlement Support Volunteer Training Coordinator for New Zealand Refugee Settlement.
New Zealand

“Helen sings with a passion that provokes her listeners. You can’t fail to catch the spirit of her songs as you listen to this anointed singer. I recommend her music, you will take a move when she sings, and ask for more.”

Robert Sessanga
Pastor and Author

“Helen’s  music reminds me of the power of communication, when it is done with admirable talent, skills and above all, a passionate heart.”

Donna Chu,
Assistant Professor, School of Journalism and Communication,
The Chinese University of Hong Kong

“Helen Mottee’s unforgettable Letters from the 5th Estate could well carry a small cautionary label that says NOT FOR THE FAINTHEARTED OR LUKEWARM! In memorable songs that reveal the heart cries of refugees and child soldiers, listeners will experience having their complacent pillows  ripped out from  their armrests, and find themselves face-to-face with a  world  that spares no one, not even children. Helen’s haunting melodies and earthy vocals will stir slumbering consciences and spur distracted saints into action worthy of their name.”

Tim Peters
Helping Hands Korea

“Helen impresses audience not only by her professional skills in music, but also with her care for the plight of refugees. Helen’s music is a powerful tool to communicate messages of care and concern. Her style of presenting music is unique as she sings with a downpour of emotion at points where she is not even aware of her own strong cry. I treasure very much the opportunity to enjoy Helen’s live performance, as I feel more about what it means to be humanitarian when she brings audience’s love to flee from custody and get connected with vulnerable people around the world.”

Lum Kwok Choi
Head of Fund raising, Hong Kong Office

“Helen captures the essence of the struggles refugees are facing globally and powerfully educates us all about the predicament refugees face . Helen helps us enter and step into their world without masking what we are about to experience in their world.Helen goes to the scene where it really is taking place. There Helen allows herself a personal confrontation with what refugees are really experiencing, and then writes with passion and pathos about it , so we as citizens can understand and be moved to make a personal response.”

Angie Andrews
Waiters Union, Australia

“The two international meetings I saw and heard Helen’s songs have been an inspiration to me. Many Africans have been moved by Helen’s songs.”

John Wesley Kabango

“Helen’s songs are poetry set to music, deeply reflective, and  thought-provoking. The messages keep coming back long after the music  player is turned off. Helen’s music is such powerful advocacy, moving people to action.”

Chato Olivas Gallo
Hong Kong

“I celebrate Helen’s music ministry to the marginalized.  She sang her songs at our Singapore Methodist Social Concern Conference and impacted us in a profound and personal way.  Grab her!”

Rev. Gabriel Liew
Kampong Kapor Methodist Church

“Helen Mottee chooses to locate herself alongside those who live in the heart of darkness and sings of the light that she sees there shining in the faces of the people who confront  their brutal circumstances with a dignity, integrity and grace that is unbelievably beautiful.”

Dave Andrews
Author /Speaker

“The songs of Helen Mottee have deep meaning for us in the Free Burma Rangers. Her words describe our world and the lives of the displaced. Her songs are of love, and dignity for all people, Helen’s words move our hearts and we hope move the hearts of those who hear them.  The people of Burma have a champion in Helen and her music brings hope.”

David Eubank
Director-Free Burma Rangers

“The power in expressing feelings about refugees through music is immeasurable, beautiful and contagious. Listening to Helen is so moving, you can see it comes from her soul”

Margaret Warren
Hong Kong

“The world’s refugees have been crying out for generations to get help, Helen answers the call and acts upon those cries in the space of a song. Every line of every song expresses The Cry, The Call, and The Answer, in powerful heartfelt compassion for humanity.”
Warren Barnett
Sony Music Sydney

“Life is good for me; I don’t wanna hear I don’t wanna see……” The lines of ‘Don’t tell Me’ by Helen hit the bottom of my heart. In such a materialistic world, people especially young kids tend to take what they have for granted. Helen’s songs not only convey the message of caring for people in need, but also show people the power of empathy. They are definitely the great resource of love education. I would love to share the songs and the touching stories behind with my students in the future.

Michelle Liu
Pre-service teacher
Hong Kong

“I  just cannot be indifferent while I am listening to the songs of Helen Mottee. Her music has opened my eyes to the global issues of this world in a different and deep way. I am thankful for her gift to write such wonderful songs, and I wish people from my country could listen to these songs as well and not stay indifferent,  not close their eyes to the problems of this world.”

Angelika Ligay


“Helen passionately resonates Jesus’ love for the needy and powerless.     I think many at Global were touched and moved to understand God’s heart through Helen”

Pastor Mike Van der Vlugt


New Zealand

“Helen Mottee played at Gospel Live in 2010 and many were affected by her music that pierces the heart. Helen gives voice to those who have no voice. Her integrity, heart and passion deliver songs that make you feel uncomfortable yet grateful she is so uncompromising. Helen’s music is beautiful and inspires you to give and love more. She sincerely and humbly knows what it is to be the hands of Jesus on earth”

Robbie Elliot

Gospel Live

Manly, Australia

“Helen’s music is edgy. Her words are disturbing.

She expresses her heart for the poor, the unfortunate,

the abandoned, and hurting as she syncs her music

with the Father’s heartbeat for a hurting world.

Very missional and incarnational Kingdom stuff

that will move you to act!!!

I have been motivated and my church mobilised to action.

Our Bible College students will never be the same again

having her in the classroom.

Thank you Helen, and hope to see you again

When you are in Auckland next.”

Pastor Vipul Kharat

All Nations

(Church of the Nazarene)

Auckland NZ